Green Tourism Apps - - Jul 24, 2019
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Green Tourism Apps

Combining its strengths in web content with the topoGuide ecotourism mobile app developers Anadigit, Medventure now offers a suite of apps that offer maps, routes and photographs that take travelers on amazing adventures. Both in the city and beyond, the apps feature walking tours, hiking tours, cycling tours, road maps, and cultural tours, as well as natural and archeological attractions.

Together, MedVenture and Anadigit can produce professional ecotourism maps for both public and private organizations, whether you’re a hotel or a public authority that wants to promote its region. Here are two examples of our apps:

Kefalonia Island

Mount Dirfys


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People Talk
  • IntrasoftIntrasoft International has been working with MedVenture for six years on numerous EU-funded projects, particularly those that promote sustainability, innovation and blue growth across Europe. Needless to say after such a long and fruitful partnership, we're very happy with the results.
    Phillip Babalis, Project Manager, Content and Translations
  • Nelios reviewAs the leading web design company in Greece's hospitality sector, we have worked with MedVenture on many prestigious hospitality projects that had a strong green component. MedVenture very successfully highlighted the sustainability and ecological profile of these businesses.
    Dimitris Serifis, CEO,
  • Naxian reviewThe island of Naxos is a green paradise, but it needed support in showcasing its potential, in addition to raising awareness in the industry regarding sustainable tourism and ecotourism. MedVenture and its portal Ecotourism Greece were instrumental in helping us create a more sustainable model of tourism.
    Yannis Margaritis, President, Naxos Hotel Owners' Association
  • MedassetWe chose MedVenture to help us promote our Clean Seas initiative across Greece because they have proven their abilities not only through Ecotourism-Greece, the most powerful portal in the country for ecotourism, but also by supporting Blue Growth in the country.
    Vassilis Stamogiannis, Manager, Medasset